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GoDaddy is by far the most popular Web Hosting and Domain Provider. I have been hosting and registering domain names with Godaddy from the first time I began working online many years ago. I have seen a lot of changes through my time with them. I am not a fan of their control panel as I believe it is a bit to much for newbies to take in. It takes a while to figure out everything. If you are experienced you will have no problem so no complaints there. At one point I had problems with Godaddy system as they were not the best place to host a wordpress blog. Most of my sites are powered by wordpress so I had to move them to another host. Since then Godaddy has fixed this issue. I recommend Godaddy and a Web Host Company you can trust.


  1. They could care less about serving me. And don’t even think of using them for a WordPress site. OMG.

  2. Since they don’t use CPanel, and I think they still are on Exchange 2007, and to them, you are absolutely just a number, unless you can not afford anything else, I would avoid.

  3. Look, the price is rather low for their service, so what is everyone expecting? LOL

  4. uhm, I assumed what they did so well with domain hosting would translate. Uuugh!

  5. Godady just had another outage. Read about it online

  6. Can you say : NIGHTMARE? Look, if all you care about is price, that is fine. But if you need support (REAL support, not automated ticket responses and replies six hours later from India) and if you don’t want to be upsold at every turn, run the other direction.

  7. Its GoDaddy. You don’t expect excellence here, just cheap. So they deliver on that.

  8. Use them for many years but I come to realize that Cpanel is the best and easiest to use so I move from Godaddy as they don’t have Cpanel.

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