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AppTix Exchange Hosting

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange from Apptix® is an advanced productivity solution featuring corporate-class email and shared calendaring, task, and contact capabilities. It enhances employee communication and collaboration for businesses and organizations of any size. For an affordable monthly cost, Apptix provides customers an easily deployed, managed, and scalable messaging solution.

Key Benefits
■Easily manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks with the familiar Microsoft Outlook® client for PC or Mac® as well as Outlook Web App (OWA) access
■Access your email anywhere, anytime – supported mobile devices include BlackBerry®, Android®, Windows® Mobile, and iPhone® or iPad®
■Enhance team collaboration through shared calendars and scheduling
■Trust your email’s safety with email security and virus protection
■Integrate your email with other Microsoft services such as SharePoint, Web Conferencing, and Secure Instant Messaging


  1. I signed up for Apptix hosted Exchange before they acquired Mailstreet. I went through one upgrade from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 but the cost and support are way off now.

    * cost for every little thing like active sync, small storage limits, etc
    * price overall is too high
    * control panel stinks
    * tech support is limited to what is available to me already in the control panel
    * no supervisor or escalation manager on-duty at night? ( maybe it was a special case but not acceptable)
    * no way to speak to a level 2 engineer or someone with actual exchange server hands on access
    * control panel and back end exchange were out of sync so the only way that support could add permissions to that mailbox was if they deleted the mailbox and wait for 24-48 hours and add it back in. This mailbox had been there for 4 plus years and worked just fine (other than being missing from the control panel).

    In the end, I have a messed up AL and people that could send as before are having lots of trouble because now I have 2 objects listed in the AL with the SAME smtp address and yet one of those objects does NOT appear in the control panel at all. The support ticket I opened for this had tech support repeatedly asking me if I had restarted outlook and waited 24 hours to see if it cleared up.. I have an idea, look at it yourself and do your job… support me!!!

    Now the latest is I have spent no less than 40 minutes in queue on the phone for support and never got a human being at all. Finally, I gave up and pressed #1 to give them a call back numbers.

    I am moving to MS Office 365 E1 plan and saving about 1/2 the cost too.
    Good riddance Apptix – you stink!

  2. I had Mailstreet (Apptix) for 5 years until they decided to start charging a $20 extra a month for “premium support” that was required. This was 50% more than I was already paying for their services. I called and they said there was no way to remove this charge.

  3. I’ve used AppTix Exchange Hosting for a few months now and generally, I like it.
    It is very simple to access my email from my iPhone, which is really important for my company. The shared calendar really helps as well when trying to set deadlines and meetings for my group. Overall, it’s been a good and pleasant experience. One thing that I must complain about is that it does take the company to get back to you when you have a question. I contacted them and they did not get back to me until a few days later. Unfortunately, since this IS for a business, support should be easy and fast to reach. Because of this, I probably will try to find another company.

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