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Our aim is to provide accurate customer reviews as well as editor review of the top web hosting companies online.
Our editor’s review are based on actual service received from the reviewed company.

Editor Reviews:
We have signed up and hosted at least one website with each hosting company we review on this site. We will give you a review based on the experience we have with that company.

Hosting Customers Reviews:
We also allow you the customer to share your experience with these companies.
Just drop a comment and your rating on the review page for the company you are reviewing.
please be honest and only review a site that you actually host a website with.

Potential Hosting Customers:
Please read reviews for the hosting companies carefully and remember to use your own judgement and choose a company that you think will suite your needs.
Reviews are mostly based on individual customer experience which can vary greatly from customer to customer.
I may have a great experience with a hosting company today and tomorrow someone else may have a bad experience with that same company.

However if you notice that a lot of people are saying the same thing about a particular company then most likely that is the situation with that provide and you can act based on that.

The companies reviewed here are the most popular companies that we have tries and chosen to review but we do not in any way guarantee the type of service you will get from the company.
Your customer relationship with them is something between you and them. We would love to hear from you once you have chosen a company so that other may gain from your experience as well.

Thanks for visiting and happy hunting.