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1&1 is the world’s largest web hosting company, by known servers, with over 7 million customers worldwide. 1&1 is able to offer affordable prices because of it’s size and many other reasons.

1&1 offer a number of hosting plans starting at only $3.99
Their plans are limited by resources such as storage space and ftp accounts. The more you want the larger of a plan you need to buy. This is one downside as many of the popular host now offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for very low prices.

My personal experience with 1&1 is their control panel. For me as a seasoned webmaster I found my way around their control panel but I think it may be a but overwhelming at first for new customers. With that said it is a great web host with a lot of customers and your site will be safe with them.


  1. I was lured in by their professional marketing. I fugred any firm with that attention to detail and professionalism would have a stellar offering. And the price was too good to be true. Problem is, my staff relies on email (like ai suppose most do) and we bring on contractors onto our email system regularly (and then shut them off when the contrs ract ends). So getting them onto this email service via their smart phones has been problematic, at best. That has tended to be a big productiivty issue for me. I wonder if others can comment on their experience, or guide me to a better host?

  2. Two words: think again

  3. Not one of my favorite host but they work.


  1. Sheryl - I am not thrilled with them. Sigh. Now to find a replacement

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